E energija group


  E energija is a holding of 12 companies, already more than 20 years working in energy sector, which are managed by E energija, with its headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania.     



E energija group companies:


  • Operate district heating systems in towns, generate heat and supply to the final customers;
  • Invest into boiler houses and CHP’s, which replace fossil fuel with biomass in district heating systems;
  • Generate and supply process steam for industrial companies and plants;
  • Implement turnkey projects: design and build boiler houses and CHP’s; 
  • Produce boilers, flue gas cleaning equipment and other related boiler house equipment;
  • Produce and supply biomass;
  • Increase efficiency in existing boiler houses;


Our clients:


  • Industrial companies using process steam & heat in the production process, e.g. paper, food processing, metalwork, alcohol and ect. industries;
  • District heating companies that generate and supply heat to their users;
  • District heating customers;
  • Developers of biomass boiler house and CHP projects and construction companies;